The meeting of the Comenius multilateral partnership project “Young Europeans contributing to a better future” in Turkey

On 5-10 November our students Deimante Stankute (Form 8) and Laura Sedauskaite (Form 11), as well as the Deputy Head, Project Coordinator Laima Bartkuviene and an English teacher Vilma Levickiene participated in the partners’ meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

The main activity of the meeting was to present the prepared material for the contest about producing a useful item while using the theoretical, technological and scientific knowledge. The students from France showed how to make chocolate and mayonnaise at home without using yolk which may cause sensitization. The Turkish students demonstrated an experiment with the hot air engine. The representatives from Denmark spoke about the great value of the sun cells. The Italian students cooked meat in vacuum package which allowed it to remain fragrant and juicy. The students from Spain spoke about optical illusions and their usage. And our girls presented the technique of the painting on silk.

The teachers visited two kindergartens, classrooms of primary and secondary schools, had meetings with the principals, the General Manager and the Governor of one district of Istanbul. During the meetings the teachers presented their own countries shortly and learned some interesting facts about the hosting country and its people.

We also had time to do the sightseeing: visiting The Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the Blue Mosque, the Topkapı Palace (a large palace that was the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years), a great architectural beauty and an important monument – Hagia Sophia. We walked in the Basilica Cistern, sailed in the Bosphorus strait, visited the exhibition in the outdoor museum Miniaturk. It was amazing to appear in the hight of about 250 metres in the skyscraper „Sapphire“ and look at Istanbul from above, as well as to try 4D Sky Ride simulation for visiting all most important places of that wonderful city. Meeting the world famous people in the Wax museum was not less impressive.

So, every partners‘ meeting, every project activity is related to the main goal of the Project – we all have to be one world – respecting, tolerating and understanding each other.

Vilma Levickiene

An English teacher

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